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The Furniture of Self (VR/Non-VR)

is an autobiographical VR game about identity and self. 
Explore my room, create your identity and find out about my own.

A human is born without identity, surrounded by everything, in contact with nothing. From the first touch ones identity is starting to exist until it gets overwhelming, ever changing and incomprehensible. 

This game is the product of a year of studying the topics identity and self. It tries to visualize the process of building ones own identity and exploring a given identity. 

Everything you touch will become a part of your self and you cannot let go anymore. Your body is not able to interact with the surrounding, only your identity can do so.

While exploring the room and its contents stories about myself will be unlocked, which are attached to the items in the room.



None VR Controls:
  • Rightclick to look around
  • W|A|S|D to move
  • Click to grab item
  • Tab to open catalogue
  • Q|E to look at previous/next catalogue item
  • Esc to open menu
  • Scroll to navigate menu or catalogue
  • E to confirm menu selection


Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

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TheFurnitureOfSelf.zip 52 MB

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